We are a group of engaged individuals who have come together to connect with and reach artists, organizations, and businesses in our community through the arts so that we can build and maintain a strong, creative and connected Clinton County.

Bill Tennant

Concert Series in the Park

I’m on the CCAC Board to… listen, learn, support, nudge and guide this amazing group of creative individuals as we focus on enriching lives through quality arts programming.

My arts background includes… a lot of musical experiences as a performer, conductor, teacher and composer. I also have a deep appreciation for visual arts, theater, dance, opera, the written word – you name it! A blank sheet of paper waiting for a creative idea has always excited me!

Outside of the arts, I enjoy… my wonderful family, traveling, biking, board games, movies, along with playing anything with a ball!

Jenny McCampbell

Vice President
Clinton Northern Railroad

I’m on the CCAC Board to… represent the railroad museum, and to share the history of the Clinton County Arts Council as a founding board member.

My arts background includes… my mother and two sisters were very artistic, dabbling in a variety of arts. I inherited my art ability from my father, which means I have none. But I have always appreciated art, and love being surrounded by it at home, in St. Johns. I have also been lucky enough to see the works of Michelangelo and Leonardo da Vinci while living in Europe!

Outside of the arts, I enjoy… traveling, reading and getting together with family and friends. I also enjoy skiing and have fond memories of skiing in the Alps as a young teacher in Germany.

Sheri Applebee


I’m on the CCAC Board to… provide accurate and timely financial information to the board for planning and preparation of events and activities. 

My arts background includes… painting crafts/projects and sewing quilts.  

Outside of the arts, I enjoy… traveling the United States and snowmobiling the many trails of Michigan’s Upper Peninsula.  In the summer, I enjoy working in my flower beds. I am also animal an lover and have rescued many cats over the years. 

Tom Webb

Wilson Center Performing Arts

I’m on the CCAC Board to… help foster a greater appreciation for the wide variety of arts available to the community and to promote a greater commitment to them.

My arts background includes… an interest in the arts through the performing arts, both musically and in the dramatic arts. Occasionally both formats have intersected on stage. My experience with community theater goes back to the mid 1970’s with the Pewamo-Westphalia Community Players.

Outside of the arts, I enjoy… spending time with family, traveling, and reading a good book (a variety of genres).

Ruth Reynolds

Art and Soul Gallery

I am on the CCAC Board to… instill an awareness of the arts in Clinton County in all genres.

My arts background includes… I am an avid quilter, crocheter and knitter and have made over 30 quilts for different charities.  In the past, I enjoyed making wedding cakes and jewelry.

Outside of the arts, I enjoy… working for the Clinton County Relay For Life and Gracepointe Compassion in Action group (backpacks of food). If I have any spare time, I like to read: mainly Debbie Macomber and Amish romances.

Susan DeRosa

Homegrown Productions

Mark Miser

Mint City Singers

I am on the CCAC board to… promote the arts in all forms – as a former social worker I know how important the arts are to the health of a community and the dire consequences when they are absent.

My arts background includes… I have a minor in Music and I enjoy singing and playing instruments. I paint and enjoy other crafting/decorative arts – far from professional but something I love.

Outside of the arts I enjoy… gardening, listening to music, classic Hollywood films and spending time with my pups!

Megen Hurst

Activities and Events

I’m on the CCAC Board to… connect communities with local art through fun events. The world is a blank canvas and the Clinton County Arts Council holds the brush.

My arts background includes… pencil sketches, watercolor, upcycled arts, handmade artisan products, welding, photography, playing bass guitar, painting rocks with my sister, creating gourmet healthy treats with my husband at Oh Mi Organics and volunteering my graphic design talents to the St. Johns Police Department and the Eat Healthy Eat Local Foundation.

Outside of the arts, I enjoy… spending time with my family and friends, rock hunting on Michigan beaches, cooking and enjoying nature.

Clarissa Czubak

Fund Development

Clarissa Czubak- One of the newest members of the CCAC! Currently, she is raising her daughter and operating her new Business Infinity Wellness Energy in Downtown, St. Johns. With a Community Service degree from Siena Heights University, she is eager to serve the Clinton County Community by heading the fund development committee of the CCAC. Ready and willing to give her heart and soul to the arts culture by bringing diversity to the community.

Jodi Parker


I’m on the CCAC Board to… promote the amazing art and cultural opportunities we have in our local community, and to help move the arts council forward through new, innovative ideas, programs and events.

My arts background includes… a passion for the arts in general. I won my first art contest in fourth grade and decided art was what I wanted to do when I grew up. I recieved a Bachelor of Arts in graphic design and enjoy the creative outlet it provides on a daily basis. I also enjoy theater, dance and music productions as often as I can.

Outside of the arts, I enjoy… spending time with my family at various sporting events, potting plants, reading, and the occasional Netflix binge (currently accepting recommendations).

Amy Bowen


I’m on the CCAC Board to… strengthen my involvement within my community.

My arts background includes… experiencing arts through my children. They have been active in dance, choir and theater performances for many years.

Outside of the arts, I enjoy… spending time with my family, camping, kayaking & reading.

Roy Davis


I’m on the CCAC Board to… help the organization where I can. 

My arts background includes… playing trombone. Teaching music at the St. John High School.

Outside of the arts, I enjoy… pro sports and college sports. 

Courtney Sturgis


I’m on the CCAC Board to… share my skills and experience of the arts and design with the community I grew up in. 

My arts background includes… quite a variety of interests, skills, and experience. I started out very young by drawing and sketching – particularly houses and floor plans. Alongside drawing, I played the flute all through grade school. As I grew to love architecture, I decided to go to college for an architecture degree. While there, I found I loved graphic design and digital media as well.  When I left college, I found myself in a position for designing parks and landscape planning. I am drawn to landscape photography and watercolor painting. All along, I’ve found myself trying other hobbies like sewing, baking cupcakes, urban sketching, scrapbooking, crafting, and flower arrangement. I’m sure the list won’t stop there!

Outside of the arts, I enjoy… being outdoors. I love to camp, bike, hike, and explore with friends and family. I also really enjoy trying new coffees and teas and frequent our local coffee shops.

Debra Macarty


I am on the CCAC board to… learn about and participate in creating art activities in Clinton County.

My arts background includes… 14 years of classical ballet training along with modern and jazz dance training and performance. I am currently a member of the Mint City Singers, and I enjoy participating in photography exhibits through the local Saint John’s Camera Club. I also mentored my brother who was a professional photographer.

Outside of the arts, I enjoy… reading, walking, socializing, philosophy, psychology and religion. Visiting a friend’s Centurion farm is a favorite too.

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