We are a group of engaged individuals who have come together to connect with and reach artists, organizations, and businesses in our community through the arts so that we can build and maintain a strong, creative and connected Clinton County.

Paige Kipp


I’m on the CCAC Board to…help create and expand opportunities within the arts for our community.

My arts background includes… performance, visual and graphic arts. In childhood, I was on a competitive dance team and enjoyed performing in Musical Theatre. As I grew older, I found a love for painting and drawing. While in college, I pursued a Minor in Fine Arts, where I discovered my passion for ceramics, and a Major in Interior Design at Central Michigan University. Currently, my art hobbies include sewing, drawing, painting, crocheting, ceramics, graphic design, and interior design freelance work.

Outside of the arts, I enjoy… spending time with my family and friends.

Tom Webb

Vice President
Wilson Center Performing Arts

I’m on the CCAC Board to… help foster a greater appreciation for the wide variety of arts available to the community and to promote a greater commitment to them.

My arts background includes… an interest in the arts through the performing arts, both musically and in the dramatic arts. Occasionally both formats have intersected on stage. My experience with community theater goes back to the mid 1970’s with the Pewamo-Westphalia Community Players.

Outside of the arts, I enjoy… spending time with family, traveling, and reading a good book (a variety of genres).

Sheri Applebee


I’m on the CCAC Board to… provide accurate and timely financial information to the board for planning and preparation of events and activities. 

My arts background includes… painting crafts/projects and sewing quilts.  

Outside of the arts, I enjoy… traveling the United States and snowmobiling the many trails of Michigan’s Upper Peninsula.  In the summer, I enjoy working in my flower beds. I am also animal an lover and have rescued many cats over the years. 

Courtney Sturgis


I’m on the CCAC Board to… share my skills and experience of the arts and design with the community I grew up in. 

My arts background includes… quite a variety of interests, skills, and experience. I started out very young by drawing and sketching – particularly houses and floor plans. Alongside drawing, I played the flute all through grade school. As I grew to love architecture, I decided to go to college for an architecture degree. While there, I found I loved graphic design and digital media as well.  When I left college, I found myself in a position for designing parks and landscape planning. I am drawn to landscape photography and watercolor painting. All along, I’ve found myself trying other hobbies like sewing, baking cupcakes, urban sketching, scrapbooking, crafting, and flower arrangement. I’m sure the list won’t stop there!

Outside of the arts, I enjoy… being outdoors. I love to camp, bike, hike, and explore with friends and family. I also really enjoy trying new coffees and teas and frequent our local coffee shops.

Theressa Levett

Art and Soul Gallery

I am on the CCAC Board to… assist artists and our community in coming together, to encourage engagement in the arts and enjoy the  experience of shared creativity.

My arts background includes… sketching with pencil and ink, paper crafts (large interactive pieces), murals, designing kids rooms, photography, working with resin and most recently, I have focused on working with acrylic paint on canvas. I focused on Fine Arts and Illustration at the University of Colorado and I am currently focusing on Psychology as a student at Oregon State University, working toward a degree in Art Therapy.

Outside of the arts I enjoy… traveling to visit family in Canada and reading psychology books, the more the better!

Susan DeRosa

Homegrown Productions

I am on the CCAC Board to… support the performing arts, especially live theatre, in Clinton County and beyond. We are fortunate to have the Wilson Center Auditorium as performance space in the city of St. Johns. The proscenium stage, outstanding acoustics, and state of the art lighting and sound systems not only honor the past, but prepare the space for an exciting future. I represent Homegrown Productions, one of the branches of CCAC.

My arts background includes… extensive volunteer experiences in community theatre and choral music. My first role in a play was on the Wilson Auditorium stage in Oklahoma!, produced by Clinton Community Players in 1989. Since then, I have worked on more than 80 productions with Lansing area community theatre companies as director, producer, actor, stage manager, costumer, set designer, properties mistress, running crew, photographer, program designer, and ticket seller. Just don’t ask me to dance!

Outside of the arts, I enjoy… retirement after a 37-year career at MSU; life with my husband on our farm in rural St. Johns; home improvement projects on our sons’ homes; furniture refinishing; and attempting to civilize our 3-year-old Labrador retriever.

Mark Miser

Mint City Singers

I am on the CCAC board to… promote the arts in all forms – as a former social worker I know how important the arts are to the health of a community and the dire consequences when they are absent.

My arts background includes… I have a minor in Music and I enjoy singing and playing instruments. I paint and enjoy other crafting/decorative arts – far from professional but something I love.

Outside of the arts I enjoy… gardening, listening to music, classic Hollywood films and spending time with my pups!

Roy Davis


I’m on the CCAC Board to… help the organization where I can. 

My arts background includes… playing trombone. Teaching music at the St. John High School.

Outside of the arts, I enjoy… pro sports and college sports. 

Debbie Fehrenbach


I’m on the CCAC board to… help bring a broad range of art to kids and adults through amazing events and interactive classes.

My arts background includes… a strong passion for all types of arts.  I was very involved with the symphony growing up in Holland. I played with the Grand Rapids youth symphony and 4 local symphony’s. Music gave me the opportunity to travel to Europe with the Blue Lake international symphony.  I also love the visual arts. I retired from the corporate world and in 2008 began my journey and passion as a professional jewelry artist. I love transforming the metal. What do I do on my days off? More art! I love learning all mediums and have play dates with my art soulmate where we do glass, pottery, painting, and anything artsy.

Outside of the arts I enjoy… family time, gardening, kayaking, hiking, biking, cooking, scuba diving, and of course  more art!

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