Homegrown Productions

Break a leg!

Homegrown Productions started as a fundraiser to help support the Wilson Center Auditorium renovations in 2006. The inaugural production, “A St. Johns Home Companion” was met with rave reviews and set the stage for a respected community theatre—and Homegrown Productions has been a regularly performing theatre group since.

Homegrown produces a minimum of two shows per year with a musical review or variety show often making the line-up. Performances mainly take place in the Wilson Center Auditorium in downtown St. Johns, though a handful of performances have been done in partnership with the Starlight Dinner Theater in Lansing.  

Homegrown Productions strives to provide a world-class theatre experience in a small town. Casting and auditions for Homegrown Productions are open to anyone who wishes to be part of the Homegrown community, no experience necessary.

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