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Deborah Marie Fehrenbach

 “I have always loved creating. I have never been afraid to jump in and try any discipline of art. In 2006, I signed up for a sterling silver jewelry class held at the train depot that was converted to the art center. It sounded extremely fun! Absolutely loved the whole process, from design to fabrication, to final finish. I became totally obsessed with the art of jewelry making. Mostly self-taught, I also took classes from various Master metalsmiths and actually won a few contests for design. By 2008, I was more than ready to quit my normal job, and dive in full time. My work combines a variety of metal disciplines, but focuses on forging & fabricating in sterling silver. The perfect design incorporates 3-dimensions and a sense of movement. I want the jewelry to be fun, bold yet feminine, and to be able to withstand the test of time. I work out of my one girl studio. What do I do on my downtime?  More Art!  Love creating.


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