Make and take Bracelet

A creative class to promote health, inner peace and prosperity.

Gemstones, also called healing stones, have been used for centuries to promote a magnitude of health benefits, including inner peace and prosperity.  Take control of your well-being by creating your own healing stone bracelet.  You can choose from the options below.   

  1. Overcome Fear and Promote Courage-  Tigers Eye (brown stone) or Hematite (black stone)
  2. Promote Positive Energy- Amethyst (purple stone)  or Amazonite (multi-colored earth tones stone)
  3. Overcome stress and promote calmness- Lapis Lazuli (blue stone) or Turquoise (green stone)
  4. Boost Immunity- Sodalite (dark blue stone)  or Quartz (clear stone)

Add a Lava stone to your bracelet, as an aromatherapy essential oil diffuser, for added therapeutic benefits.  Lava stones promote strength and courage, as well as calmness and dissipates anger.

January 22
6:00 p.m. – 7:30 p.m.
Art and Soul Gallery – Dowtown St. Johns

Price (Includes all supplies):  $30 for one bracelet; $33 for one bracelet with Lava Stone
Price for two bracelets:  $45 regular bracelet or $48 for bracelet with Lava Stone
Registration is due by January 15, 2021. You will need to choose your bracelet(s) during registration. 

Masks are required for this event and social disctancing will be followed.

Class Instructor- Sandy Sonier, Holistic Wellness Master Coach. Sandy’s passion is to help mentally and physically exhausted women overcome day-to-day stress and embrace self-care, so they can stop the endless cycle of going to bed exhausted and waking up depleted.  Lear more about Sandy at:

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